Walter Haims

WalterHaims-fitnessWalter Haims is a fitness specialist and family man based in Norwalk, Connecticut. The oldest of four children, he worked in his family’s business for ten years, rising through the ranks of management before deciding to reorient his career toward fitness and health. Walter is a proud husband and father, and is always striving to do better by his family. He has taken his wedding vows to heart, and will never stop working on both his relationship with his wife and daughter, and their overall contentment. His change in career paths has been central to this dynamic: though it may cause temporary financial instability, it will have tremendous benefits on his and his loved ones’ happiness.

Walter went to boarding school at Avon Old Farms for four years, and this experience truly shaped his personality. Entering as a nerdy piano player, he decided to join the wrestling team and discovered a competitive side in himself which he had not yet uncovered. He was skilled at the sport, and rose to become captain of the wrestling team, all the while preserving his love for music–he was also leader of the jazz band. Walter’s father had always been a weightlifting fanatic, and in his sophomore year he began teaching him techniques to help improve his strength and wrestling performance. He still uses many of these exercises to this day.

The benefits of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated. After focusing on fitness, Walter could hardly believe the changes that took place inside and out. On the external side, his body’s transformation gained him more attention, which allowed him to become more confident and secure. He also became much healthier, which improved his performance in sports and increased his quality of life. Finally, having struggled with issues of anxiety and depression, fitness had a drastic impact on Walter’s mental health: he now sleeps better at night, has more energy during the day, and deals far better with stress.

Walter has three central priorities: the external, the mental, and the physical. Regular exercise and a healthy diet not only allow one to look and feel better, but they can improve upon all aspects of life, including mental health and calmness. The discipline that exercise allowed him to build has bled into all other areas of his life, and he now wants to transfer these positive benefits onto others.